Why leave your desk to do yoga when you can do yoga on your desk?

Yoga Fingers™

The next evolution in mindfulness.

Why do Yoga Fingers™?

The many health and spiritual benefits of yoga have never been more within your reach. What once took years of practice to master is now attainable in just a few minutes a day, without ever having to leave your desk!

Boring Yoga

X Cumbersome, whole body postures

X Expensive, name-brand, full-body outfits

X Sweating

X Years of study

X Requires leaving your desk

Yoga Fingers

√ Easy-to-master postures designed just for your fingers

√ Affordable, finger-sized outfits

√ No sweating

√ Instantaneous success

√ Do it while you work

Mindfulness is at your fingertips

Learn these poses quickly and without effort.

Standing Deep Breathing

Awkward Pose

Eagle Pose

Balancing Stick

Dead Body Pose

Full Locust Pose

Here’s what our beloved early adopters have to say

“My fingers feel long, lean, and limber.”
— Chris Townsend, CEO/Guru

“My day used to be 1.5 hours – yoga, 6 hours – workworkworkworkwork, 15 mins – Soylent break, 6 hours – workworkworkworkwork, bed. Now with YogaFingers, I have an extra 1.5 hours to workworkworkworkwork.”
— Danny Silver, Brogrammer

“My mouse-clicking has never been more precise.”
— Shelly Cole, Community Manager

“I got a lululemon tattoo on my finger.”
— John Smith, Brand Evangelist

Handcrafted, artisanal, locally assembled, environmentally conscious, 100% edible goods. Buy now. Bitcoin accepted.

Yoga Fingermat™

Yoga Fingerblocks™

Feel free to use those limber
 Yoga Fingers™ to get in touch.

Created by

Alliy Brown, Chief Finger Yogi

Taulant Sulko, Design Guru

Will Pemulis, Photography

Robin Marwick, Propping